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Concerns About Senate Bill 403 – Changing Georgia’s Voting Machines

Georgia Senate Bill 403 has passed the Senate and is currently pending in the House.  SB403 wants to replace Georgia’s 27,000 DREs (Direct-Recording-Electronic) voting devices and the primary candidate for replacement is Ballot Marking Devices, or BMDs. Here’s my take.  Thanks for listening. Resources

Kemp Stops Off In Tifton

Secretary of State Brian Kemp visited Tifton Feb. 27 on his two-week “Putting Georgians First” bus tour of the state during his campaign for Georgia governor. He made his stop at Lewis Taylor Farms and spent over an hour speaking with supporters and touring the facility. Kemp told supporters that

Georgia Could Lose Out on Amazon’s Second Headquarters Because…Republicans

Could Georgia Republicans’ spat with Delta threaten Atlanta’s bid to land Amazon’s second headquarters? The city is on Amazon’s short list of the 20 metro areas still in running for the $5 billion facility that will create 50,000 jobs. The company received proposals from 238 cities and regions across North

Georgia cybercrime bill would target ‘snoopers’

Draconian. Unnecessary. These are the words used by the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia to describe a new proposal making its way through the Georgia state legislature. Supporters say the bill will provide the ability for law enforcement to prosecute “on-line snoopers” — so called hackers that break into

Senate Bill 104: ‘Upskirting’ ban in Georgia is a step closer to becoming law

In the case of former grocery clerk Brandon Lee Gary, the Court of Appeals found last year that there was no specific law in Georgia that banned “upskirting”.  The decades-old law being used to prosecute such cases had not kept up with the times or technology.  Gary had used his

House Bill 280 Awaits Governor’s Signature

Governor Deal has vetoed similar legislation in the past, but changes to House Bill 280 have made the bill more “receptive” to Deal. House Bill 280 would allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry firearms on public college and university campuses, with exceptions that include dormitories, fraternity and

Georgia Music Investment Act (House Bill 155) Awaits Deal’s Signature

The Georgia Music Investment Act, HB-155, is a 15-20% incentive that will incentivize recording and scoring projects as well as live tours from around the country and the world to rehearse and start in the state. To qualify, a production company must meet a minimum threshold of $500,000 for live

Step by Step – Expanding the Medical Marijuana Program

With a vote of 167-4 on Tuesday to adopt Senate Bill 16, Georgia is one step closer in hopefully fully expanding its medical marijuana program. Official Summary: A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 8 of Chapter 12 of Title 16 and Code Section 31-2A-18 of the