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Concerns About Senate Bill 403 – Changing Georgia’s Voting Machines

Georgia Senate Bill 403 has passed the Senate and is currently pending in the House.  SB403 wants to replace Georgia’s 27,000 DREs (Direct-Recording-Electronic) voting devices and the primary candidate for replacement is Ballot Marking Devices, or BMDs. Here’s my take.  Thanks for listening. Resources

Kemp Stops Off In Tifton

Secretary of State Brian Kemp visited Tifton Feb. 27 on his two-week “Putting Georgians First” bus tour of the state during his campaign for Georgia governor. He made his stop at Lewis Taylor Farms and spent over an hour speaking with supporters and touring the facility. Kemp told supporters that

Sylvester Welcomes New Police Chief

Kenneth Washington, an Albany native who has been in law enforcement for 42 years, is the new Police Chief for Sylvester, GA. Before becoming Police Chief, he worked in the Albany Police Department, Doughtery County Police Department, ASU Police Department.  He worked for the Sylvester Police Department for nine years

City Council Considering Privatizing Probation Services

According to an article at the Tifton Gazette, the City of Tifton Council will be meeting on February 5th to discuss, among other things, a resolution to privatize probation services.  On the surface, this might look like a win-win for the City as they’ve realized (I’m assuming) significant cost savings