Kemp Stops Off In Tifton

Secretary of State Brian Kemp visited Tifton Feb. 27 on his two-week “Putting Georgians First” bus tour of the state during his campaign for Georgia governor.

He made his stop at Lewis Taylor Farms and spent over an hour speaking with supporters and touring the facility.

Kemp told supporters that he wanted to focus on deregulation and supporting small business.

“This campaign is literally about putting Georgians first,” Kemp said. He wants to put Georgians ahead of special interests, “the status quo, the politically correct and those that are here illegally.”

He said he has spent a lot of time in Tift County and feels his familiarity with rural communities and their needs is a strong selling point.

He spoke about the need for high speed internet and better job opportunities to keep young people in rural parts of the state. He also highlighted the need to address the healthcare gap in rural counties.

Kemp said that he supports the immigration changes President Trump and Congress have been working on and wants to encourage the agricultural economy and small business growth by reforming regulations on the state level. He also wants to work on tax reforms to give people other than “those who have a lobbyists in Atlanta” tax breaks.

The two week tour has taken him all over the state and people generally want the same thing, Kemp said.



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