Opinion: Columbus Mayor Weighs In On Guns in Georgia

Here are excerpts from her article recently published on The Daily Beast (link to the full article below):

But in the face of this, what do our NRA-backed elected officials do despite such trends? They continue to do the NRA’s bidding. In 2012, Georgia enacted Senate Bill 350 requiring law enforcement agencies to return to the streets all unclaimed confiscated weapons. Then-Atlanta Police Chief George Turner noted that to put these weapons back on the market would be “catastrophic” to community safety.

I witnessed the spectacle of the weapons our police officers had risked their lives to take off the streets being displayed for resale. A .50-caliber weapon, assault-style weapons, and other weapons that previously would have been destroyed were now headed back to the streets so our law enforcement officers could risk their lives again in taking them back out of the hands of criminals.

There’s more. In 2014, Georgia passed the “guns everywhere” law, which allows firearms to be carried into public schools, bars, churches, and government buildings, including libraries, recreational centers, city office buildings, and fire stations. This law passed over the objection of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, whose president stated: “Police officers do not want more people carrying guns on the street, particularly police officers in inner city areas.”

And here’s strike three. In 2017, Georgia passed House Bill 280, legalizing guns on Georgia’s public college campuses. The bill allows anyone to carry loaded guns into classrooms, tailgating events, student recreation centers, and elsewhere throughout campus unless the area is expressly exempted. A student can’t smoke a cigarette in most of these places, but he can pack heat in any of them. Educators, campus police, and other police chiefs protested, but as with the “guns everywhere” law, they were ignored by the elected officials that supported the bill.

Mayor Tomlinson was first elected in 2010 and is the city’s first female mayor.

For the full article, please visit The Daily Beast here.

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