Georgia Music Investment Act (House Bill 155) Awaits Deal’s Signature

The Georgia Music Investment Act, HB-155, is a 15-20% incentive that will incentivize recording and scoring projects as well as live tours from around the country and the world to rehearse and start in the state. To qualify, a production company must meet a minimum threshold of $500,000 for live performance rehearsals, $250,000 for stand-alone scoring projects (aggregate in a year) and $100,000 (aggregate in a year) for recorded music performances. If the production takes place in lesser developed Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties, it can qualify for the additional 5% credit.

HB-155 is expected to create thousands of new job opportunities for Georgia’s diverse music industry — currently $3.7 Billion economic impact — just as other tax incentives have expanded Georgia’s film, TV and video game industry to more than $7 Billion.


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